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Advisory Board

Claire Marie Bow

Austin, TX

Claire Bow is a transgender attorney living in Austin, Texas. Ms. Bow earned her J.D. from the Texas Tech School of Law in 1983 and served as an Assistant Attorney General for 11 years, as a litigator and an Administrative Law Judge.

In 1998 she was hired as the General Counsel for the State Office of Risk Management and in 2004 became the Executive Director for the agency. In that position she directed several large state insurance programs including the Texas self-insured workers? compensation fund where she was also responsible for promoting the safety of state workers. She served as President of the State Risk and Insurance Management Association (a national organization of State Risk Managers) from 2012-13. Ms. Bow has extensive legislative experience including drafting legislation, and testifying before legislative committees.

In 2014 Ms. Bow retired after a 26-year career in public service to devote herself to advocacy for Transgender Rights. She is a moderator for the Facebook Transgender Alliance page, serving over 20,000 transgender members and allies. She participated in the 2014 National Transgender Lobby Day hosted by the National Center for Transgender Equality in Washington, DC. Ms. Bow actively volunteers with a number of local transgender groups in Austin, TX working to educate the public and promote unity and participation in the transgender community.