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Program and Agenda: Friday April 17

Schedule Overview
9:00-10:00amWelcome/Opening PlenaryEast Hall
10:15-11:45amBreakout Session 1Session rooms and Junior Ballrooms
12pm-1:30pmLunch PlenaryEast Hall
1:45-3:15pmBreakout Session 2Session rooms and Junior Ballrooms
3:15-4:00pmPoster SessionGrand Ballroom
4:15-5:45pmBreakout Session 3Session rooms and Junior Ballrooms
6:00-7:30pmReceptionSkyline room, 21st Floor

9:00-10am Welcome/Opening Plenary

  • Facing a new Paradigm: Reflections from UCSF and CoE leadership on developing trends and progress in transgender health.
    JoAnne G Keatley, MSW; J. Renee Navarro, PharmD, MD; Greg Rebchook, PhD; E. Michael Reyes, MD, MPH
    Presenters will reflect on progress made over the last decade and speculate on additional policy areas to consider.

10:15-11:45am Session 1

Download the full program for session details.

Session 1 Schedule
201RESEARCH 1Surgical Procedures for Trans Men
202RESEARCH 2 Mental Health: Trauma and Suicide
203RESEARCH 3Utilization of HIV Care
204MENTAL HEALTH 1Cultural Humility in Transgender Care
205MENTAL HEALTH 2Families of Gender-expansive Children
206MENTAL HEALTH 3Mental Health Assessments
207MENTAL HEALTH 4Providers with Trans Identities
JB 1MEDICAL 1Introduction to Transgender Clinical Care
JB 3MEDICAL 2Care of HIV+ trans people, providing PrEP
210POLICYModels of Care for Transgender Health
208SPECIAL TOPICSTrans women in the Andean region

12pm-1:30pm Lunch Plenary

  • Trans* History in the Raw: Highlights from the Transgender Archives
    Aaron H Devor, PhD, FSSS, FSTLHE

1:45-3:15pm Session 2

Download the full program for session details.

Session 2 Schedule
201RESEARCH 1Perspectives on Transition-related Healthcare
202RESEARCH 2 Preventive Healthcare
203RESEARCH 3Trans Families
204MENTAL HEALTH 1Gender Expansive Children
205MENTAL HEALTH 2Discrimination and Stigma
207MENTAL HEALTH 3Trans-Formed; A Life In Two Genders
JB 1MEDICAL 1Speech & Language/Hair Removal/Silicone
JB 3MEDICAL 2Transgender Care in Multiple Settings
210POLICYWinning Access to Trans Health Coverage and Care
208SPECIAL TOPICSEngaging 208 HIV+ TWOC into care

3:15-4:00pm Poster Session

(Poster Session resource tables will be accessible in the Grand Ballroom throughout the summit)

4:15-5:45pm Session 3

Download the full program for session details.

Session 3 Schedule
201RESEARCH 1Barriers in Healthcare
202RESEARCH 2 Research Methods and Data Collection Issues
203RESEARCH 3Biomedical HIV Prevention and Testing
JB 1MED 1 / MENTAL HEALTH 1Multidisciplinary Session
205MENTAL HEALTH 2Safe Spaces: El/La Para TransLatinas
206MENTAL HEALTH 3Gender Queer Mental Health
207MENTAL HEALTH 4Social Media for Trans People
JB 3MEDICAL 2Cardio & Bone Health/Screening/New Research
210POLICYData Collection to Advance Transgender Health
208SPECIAL TOPICS 1Fillers: Harm Reduction +
204SPECIAL TOPICS 2WPATH perspectives

6:00-7:30pm Reception

  • 6:00 - 6:10 | Welcome, Special Thanks and NAB Introduction
    JoAnne Keatley, MSW
    Co-Principal Investigator and Director, Center of Excellence for Transgender Health
  • 6:10 - 6:20 | NAB Welcome
    Co-Emcees Cecilia Chung and Seth Pardo, PhD
    CoE National Advisory Board (NAB)
  • 6:20 - 6:30 | Jamison Green, PhD
    WPATH Board President
  • 6:30 - 6:40 | Hector Vargas, JD
    GLMA, Executive Director
  • 6:40 - 6:50 | Elected Officials
    Senator Mark Leno
    Other Elected Officials [to be confirmed]
  • 6:50 - 7:30 | Live Entertainment
    Felix Lee