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Program and Agenda: Saturday April 18

Schedule Overview
9:00-10:00amWelcome/Morning PlenaryEast Hall
10:15-11:45amBreakout Session 4Session rooms and Junior Ballrooms
12pm-1:30pmLunch PlenaryEast Hall
1:45-3:15pmBreakout Session 5Session rooms and Junior Ballrooms
4:45-5:15pmBreakout Session 6Session rooms and Junior Ballrooms
5:30-6:00pmClosing PlenaryEast Hall

9:15-10am Welcome Back/Morning Plenary

  • Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and trans people: What do we know now; what else do we need to understand in order to add this promising intervention into our prevention toolkit?
    Bob Grant, MD; Anita Radix, MD; Jae Sevelius, PhD.

10:15-11:45am Session 4

Download the full program for session details.

Session 4 Schedule
202RESEARCH 1Cultural Competency Issues in Healthcare
201RESEARCH 2 Reaching Trans Youth
203RESEARCH 3Innovations in Linkage to HIV Care
204MENTAL HEALTH 1Spirituality and Mental Health Care
205MENTAL HEALTH 2Neurodiversity & Gender Diversity
JB 1MEDICAL 1Fertility, gyn, and pelvic health/physical therapy
JB 3MEDICAL 2Informed Consent/Incarceration/Chest Binding
210POLICYBeyond ACA: Litigation & Legal Advocacy Strategies
206SPECIAL TOPICS 1Feedback for CDC RE: HIV Info Needs
208SPECIAL TOPICS 2Surgery Public
207SPECIAL TOPICS 3Care of Latin American/Caribbean Trans Populations

12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch Plenary

  • Updating the National HIV AIDS Strategy: Inclusion of transgender people, now!
    Eugene McCray, MD; Douglas Brooks, MSW

1:45-3:15pm Session 5

Download the full program for session details.

Session 5 Schedule
202RESEARCH 1Resilience and Empowerment
201RESEARCH 2 Mental Health: Special Considerations
JB 1MED 1 / MENTAL HEALTHTrans youth--intro and background
203MENTAL HEALTH 1Substance Abuse Treatment
204MENTAL HEALTH 2Kaiser Permanente & Multi-Specialty Care
205MENTAL HEALTH 3Pre-operative education/preparation
JB 3MEDICAL 2Advanced Case Discussions and Q&A
210POLICYHealth Insurance Coding and Billing Process
206SPECIAL TOPICS 1HIP for Trans People
207SPECIAL TOPICS 2Surgeon's Session (Closed)
208SPECIAL TOPICS 3Transgender Women and Corrections

3:15pm-3:45pm Break

3:45-5:15pm Session 6

Download the full program for session details.

Session 6 Schedule
206RESEARCH 1HIV Risk Behaviors
203RESEARCH 2 Trans*female youth in the SF Bay Area
JB 1MED 1 / MENTAL HEALTH 1Clinical care of trans youth
202MENTAL HEALTH 2Life Stages
208MENTAL HEALTH 3APA Guidelines for TGNC Clients
210MENTAL HEALTH 4Patients seeking surgery: Challenging cases
207MENTAL HEALTH 5Informed Consent Models
JB 3MEDICAL 2Surgical options/PostOp Management
204SPECIAL TOPICS 1Trans-inclusive CBA
201SPECIAL TOPICS 2Trans Experience in Film
205SPECIAL TOPICS 3Roundtable: Children and HIV/AIDS

5:30-6:00pm Closing Plenary

  • Key takeaways from the 2015 National Transgender Health Summit!
    Clinician Rapporteur: TBN
    Community Rapporteur: TBN