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Binding, packing, and tucking

Primary author: Madeline B. Deutsch, MD, MPH


Tucking allows a visibly smooth crotch contour. In this practice, the testicles (if present) are moved into the inguinal canal, and moving the penis and scrotum posteriorly in the perineal region. Tight fitting underwear, or a special undergarment known as a gaffe is then worn to maintain this alignment. In some cases, adhesive or even duct tape may be used. In addition to local skin effects, this practice could result in urinary trauma or infections, as well as testicular complaints, which are covered elsewhere.


Packing is the placing of a penile prosthesis in one's underwear, giving both an outward appearance as well as reducing gender dysphoria.


Binding involves the use of tight fitting sports bras, shirts, ace bandages, or a specially made binder to provide a flat chest contour. In some people with larger breasts, multiple garments may be used, and breathing may be restricted. Prolonged binding may result in breast pain, local skin irritation, or fungal infections.