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API Transgender Empowerment (ATE)


ATE's goals are to foster the development of a "vibrant, empowered and supportive Asian and Pacific Islander transgender community" to reduce HIV infection in San Francisco.

Ate (ah-tey), is a Tagalog word that references an 'older sister' or 'a close female friend,' and commonly used to refer to someone who is knowledgeable, experienced and matured. Not restricted to Tagalog, this reference is found in many Asian & Pacific Islander communities, like phee-sao in Thai, achi in Fookien or Indonesian, didi in Hindi or Nepali, hermana grande o mayor in Spanish, jie jie in Mandarin, onesan in Japanese, che'lu in Chamorro or mua in Hawaiian.


Contact Information:

Lally Lacy
  • Transgender Program Coordinator
  • (415) 292-3420 extension 363
730 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 292-3420 extension 363

Parent organization:

Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center

Populations served:

Transgender women, Asian and Pacific Islanders

Services offered:

Prevention case management, HIV care and treatment, Skills building workshops, Individual-level interventions, Support groups, Community events, HIV counseling and testing, Referrals, Hormone needle exchange