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Walden House Transgender Services


Walden House is a behavioral health services program (substance abuse, mental health) that offers an entire service track specific to the needs for persons who identify as transgendered. Walden House has a dedicated therapist and support counselor who provides specific intervention and support that includes advocacy, case management, counseling, education, and support groups that meet client needs in a culturally competent manner. These transgender services may be provided anywhere within the Walden House continuum of service from Residential Care to Outpatient Services. In addition, these staff members also provide consultation and training not only to Walden House staff members, but to other San Francisco agency staff as well.


Contact Information:

Lettie Dyer
  • Intake Director
  • (415) 934-3409
  • (415) 934-3408
520 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 554-1100

Populations served:

Transgender women, Transgender men, Youth, Incarcerated

Services offered:

Substance abuse treatment, Mental health services, Cultural competency education and training, Support groups, Individual-level interventions