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TransActívate is a participant in the HRSA SPNS Enhancing Engagement and Retention in Quality HIV Care for Transgender Women of Color project.

BIENESTAR, Human Services, Inc., in partnership with JWCH Institute, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center (LAGLC), and Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), will implement, TransActívate, a comprehensive, innovative and much-needed program designed to improve the timely entry, engagement and retention in quality HIV care for Latina transgender women in Los Angeles County. We have designed our program to respond to the needs of this community by utilizing the best and most innovative practices in the field and by leveraging our own organizational capacity and expertise, along with those of our clinical and community partners.

Since Latina transgender women of color experience a multitude of patient-level, provider-level and structural-level barriers to accessing and engaging in quality HIV care, our program is robust and multi-faceted. Strategies include Social Network Testing, Social Network Engagement, a Motivational Interviewing-based linkage and peer navigation intervention, and an innovative training component designed to increase provider competency in working with Latina transgender clients. Our program goals include identifying 70 previously undiagnosed HIV-positive Latina transgender women; linking 85% of our Latina transgender clients to HIV primary medical care within three months of their diagnosis; and retaining 90% of our Latina transgender clients in HIV primary medical care.

Our program goes beyond merely guiding clients through a service provider environment that may be perceived as challenging. Our program -- specifically via its provider training component -- will serve to increase the cultural sensitivity and competence of clinical staff to work with Latina transgender clients. In this way, our program will ultimately validate and empower our clients and transform the local service provider network, creating lasting change that can improve individual health outcomes and reduce the burden of HIV disease on transgender women of color in Los Angeles County.

Contact Information:

Alejandrina Jurado
  • Project Director
  • 323-727-7896 x106
5326 East Beverley Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90022
323-727-7896 x106

Parent organization:


Populations served:

Latina/os, Transgender women, People of color

Services offered:

HIV counseling and testing, HIV care and treatment, Multilingual services, Referrals, Support groups, Food program, Transitional housing


English, Spanish