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TransAccess: A Program to Enhance Engagement & Retention in HIV Care for Transgender Women of Color in San Francisco, California


The San Francisco Department of Health Services TransAccess Program is a participant in the HRSA SPNS Enhancing Engagement and Retention in Quality HIV Care for Transgender Women of Color Project.

The TransAccess program will create a unique neighborhood-based transgender medical home specifically designed to address the complex needs of this critically impacted population. Through TransAccess, a medical team from the Tom Waddell Health Center will be out-based at Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center one day each week to provide HIV and other medical services to transgender women of color in a setting that is safe, welcoming, and respectful of transgender populations and their needs, and that is located directly within the San Francisco neighborhood that has highest concentration of transgender residents - The Tenderloin.

This medical care model will be enhanced by a range of outreach, linkage, and supportive services designed to significantly increase the number of transgender women of color in San Francisco who are aware of their HIV status and involved in regular medical care on a long term basis, including enhanced linkages to behavioral health, housing, and employment services.

Contact Information:

Barbara Garcia
  • Director of Health
Bill Blum
  • Project Director
1380 Howard Street Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

Parent organization:

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Populations served:

Transgender women, Asian and Pacific Islanders, People of color

Services offered:

HIV counseling and testing, HIV care and treatment, Referrals, Support groups, Prevention case management, Hormone education, Hormone therapy