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Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico


TGRCNM is dedicated to serving the transgender communities in the state of New Mexico and strives to exist as a clearing house for resources which can support, assist, educate, and advocate for the transgender population of this state and their families and loved ones. We provide social, educational, emotional, and functional support for all facets of transgender living and promote mutual understanding, acceptance, and equality to achieve a more positive and healthy society.

TGRCNM offers the following services for the transgender and gender variant people of New Mexico and their loved ones:

  • Drop in services (including snacks)
  • A place to rest
  • Someone to talk to, and a safe place to be yourself
  • Computer usage and training
  • A lending library
  • Support groups
  • Free anonymous HIV testing
  • Syringe exchange
  • Youth programming
  • An open donation closet for folks who need clothes
  • Binders and other items
  • Informal case management
  • Help, information and referrals on name change
  • Medical care

TGRCNM also engages the communities with social events and partners with many organizations and agencies all around the state to make New Mexico a better place for us. We provide free counseling with volunteer therapists, six hours per week of employment search assistance, and we intend to be developing even more resources around housing and employment in the next year.


Contact Information:

149 Jackson NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Populations served:

Transgender women, People of color, Transgender men

Services offered:

Mental health services, Legal services, Mental health services, HIV counseling and testing, Support groups, Risk reduction


English, Spanish, Navajo