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Transgender Health Services


The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) established Transgender Health Services to provide access to transgender surgeries and related education and preparation services to eligible uninsured transgender adult residents. Currently, SFDPH also provides a range of health services to transgender residents such as primary care, prevention, behavioral health, hormone therapy, specialty and inpatient care.

This initiative was born out of the incredible work of community advocates, which ultimately led to the following developments:

  • The Board of Supervisors adopted resolution number 288-12 in July 2012, encouraging the Department to ensure the provision of medically necessary gender-transition-related care
  • In addition, in November 2012, the San Francisco Health Commission approved the following:
    • Developing a new program (Transgender Health Services) to transgender surgery to eligible uninsured transgender adult residents
    • Using gender identity disorder (now called gender dysphoria) as a clinical indication for surgical procedures
    • Removing transgender surgery from the list of excluded services under the Healthy San Francisco program


Contact Information:

101 Grove Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Populations served:

Transgender women, Transgender men

Services offered:

Mental health services, Hormone therapy, Primary health care, HIV counseling and testing, Prevention with positives, Risk reduction


English, Spanish